Martin Baylis Engineering is now offering an engine driven feed pump to suite their range of marine steam engines. The pump is simply bolted onto the end of the engine bed and an eccentric fitted to the stub end of the crankshaft. It is possible for any existing engine owner to retro-fit this pump to their engine. The kit comprises of; feed pump assembly, inline filter and priming pump, 8BA bolts and washers, socket and bar, shim, spacer ring, M3 Allen key, gland tool, eccentric and a length of clear tubing.




The pump is illustrated here fitted to the engine and demonstrates its compact nature.





The compact design of the pump can clearly be seen in these two pictures, every effort has been made to keep the pump small and unobtrusive. Effort has been made to duplicate the appearance of small “donkey” feed pumps used on engines of the day. The pump will deliver approximately 1.5 litres of water an hour at 600 rpm which is ample for most applications.